Currently there are many projects being organised and carried out by MOW. 

All these projects are in line with MOW’s goal in enriching lives.
If you want to be a part of any of these of projects, just contact us.



The MOW Delivery programme helps people and organizations who are not able to cope with providing sufficient nourishment to their families and organizations' residents. At the moment, we are delivering potatoes, onions and garlic to many organizations from various creeds and backgrounds, including our very own Ti-Ratana Welfare Homes with over 300 residents, as well as:

  • Assumption Church

  • Little sisters of the poor

  • Assunta convent

  • Myanmmar Refugees

  • Needy & Homeless


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that began in 2020, many individuals, families and homes have lost their main sources of income. As a result, many people aren't even able to put food on their table.

With the help of over a dozen and growing volunteers located across the Klang Valley, we are sending out food packs to those in need in our volunteer's local areas. We could use your help for this one! Contact us via Facebook or Email (we do not have access to our landline at the moment) to get the link to our WhatsApp group.


MOW lends a helping hand to other charitable organisation that needs help. Currently MOW subsidises Animal Care Society & Metta Karuna animal rescue team to feed and neuter stray cats and dogs in the city.