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Welcome to the Meals on Wheels very own website. Due to the flood of activities and with the overwhelming response to the programme, the Meals on Wheels programme is now ready to be independent and have its very own website. 

The Meals on Wheels programme is established to provide nourishment and other crucial necessities for the poor. Incepted in 2009, the Meals on Wheels

programme has fed and clothed over two thousand children. Meals on Wheels, throughout the years have garnered great support and encouragement from the public. It’s colourful, and very attractive van transporting nourishment for the many underprivileged has no doubt touched the hearts of many. 

In April 2012, the programme had an addition to its family, a new and improved van. This new van was purchased because the existing sixteen year old van had reached its peak. With the new van, the Meals on Wheelsprogramme aims to soar to greater heights. In the pipeline are having medical officers brought to the poor and the transportation of medical aid as well. There are also plans to refurbish the old van so it could pose as a mobile library and also a food dispenser during natural catastrophes and other tragedies. 

With the continued support from the volunteers and well wishers, the programme hopes to touch the hearts and lives of many more.

We have a lot to say after an adventure. Find out how exciting and it was for the volunteers and also the people they visited as we talk about it on our blog.

Meals on wheels need your help in providing necessities for the underprivileged as our tagline states; ‘your generosity can fill their tummies’. Therefore contributions in cash or kind can make a difference.

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